Supabrite Enhanced Road Signs


SupaBrite™ is a revolutionary design incorporating both the wide angle reflectivity of DG3™ sheeting and LED rear illumination. Add vehicle activation via radar for a highly effective system to warn drivers of intersections or traffic hazards.

Once the radar detects a vehicle, the sign will flash or stay on for a period of time according to the user’s desired settings.

This provides drivers with the best opportunity to respond accordingly to the sign message – a substantial advantage for site safety.

100m Wide angle reflectivity - same standard as top-level signage and vehicle striping

LED illuminated (min. 100,000 hrs)
Powered with 12/24VDC
Solar panel option for remote locations
Vehicle activation option with radar
Patented multi-layered technology*

Multiple signs can be mounted on the same post to target both drivers of light vehicles (e.g. 4WDs) and also larger heavy vehicles (e.g. haul trucks). Both signs on the same post would operate from a single radar and solar panel system. This system can operate on the 3G/4G LTE network and has a graphical web based dashboard to advise of statistics such as:

GPS location
Vehicle count
Time and date
Live battery usage
Approaching vehicle speed
Humidity, temperature & barometric pressure measurement
Solar Charging Rate as a percentage of 100

We can customise our IP system to operate on a dedicated network frequency to suit your industrial application.