What is Supabrite?

The Supabrite range of signs combines reflective coverings with LED rear illumination.

This means each Supabrite sign in not only visible in the beam of headlights, but also to those who aren't in vehicles or are approaching from a narrow angle.

Set the sign to flash, and you have the benefit of grabbing viewer's attention more than static signs. Flashing also reduces the already low power consumption of LED illumination.

Any sign can be customised with your own messages and can be take advantage of several differents options such as:

  • Modem - 3G/4G remote secure internet connectivity for analytical statistics
  • Rain Sensor - rain sensor for auto dimming and brightening of LED Panels in adverse weather conditions or auto decrease VAS activation at perdetermined level for warning and speed signs
  • Light Sensor - LIght Sensor for auto dimming and brightening of LED Panels in day/night conditions
  • Radar - AGD 335 radar enforcement quality
  • Short Range Wireless Sign Controller - For control locally between signed ie: train crossings etc includes receiver and transmitter